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Lacti-Cups® Essentials Breastmilk Collection Cups

Lacti-Cups Essentials were made to rest in the lower part of your breast, which makes them easy to conceal under a light padded bra even for large chested mammas.



 Relieves sore nipples from friction allowing them time to heal.

Collects milk leaks instead of wasting it on nursing pads.

Allows your milk to flow out instead of engorging your breast.

Save 4 to 16 oz/day without having to pump

Lacti-Cups have removable plugs to prevent spills on clothing.

Are easy to conceal under a lightly padded nursing bra.

♥ Collect up to 2.5 oz (75.0ml)  in each Lacti-Cup.

Empty the milk from the Lacti-Cups every 2-3 hrs, right before breastfeeding or pumping. Do not exceed more than 4.0 hrs, the milk can turn sour. Please refer to Breastmilk Collection and Storage Guidelines for more information on this subject.

We must clarify that thanks to all the new knowledge on the properties of breastmilk, your milk will not be "contaminated" by leaving it on your Lacti-Cups for 2-3 hrs. (2.0 hrs of babies in NICU). Breastmilk contains more than 2 million bacteria killing factors per teaspoon, therefore, your breastmilk will not be producing bacteria, it will be killing bacteria. Yes, Your Breastmilk is That Awesome Mammas!




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The Plugs come in 2 colors Pink and Blue. These practical silicone pieces are made to prevent milk spills from the Lacti-Cups Essentials in case you want to do Yoga, pick up your toddler or lay down.

Also, these can be used as Markers, just assign a color and wrap it around your bra strap on the side where you are nursing on next.

DO NOT SEAL THE LACTI-CUPS CONTINUOUSLY. That is why the barrier exists, to prevent spills, just don't allow your cups to get too full, in this way the barrier works perfectly. But if you are going to do Yoga for one hour, just seal them and do yoga, while saving the leaks.

Nursing moms are prone to breast yeast infections. Excess moist and heat increases the possibility to develop yeast infections, allow your breast to air dry after nursing.

The Lacti-Cups are easy to remove: Unclip the bra on the side you are going to remove the Lacti-cup, have a wash cloth handy, lean forward holding the Lacti-Cup with one hand while keeping it flat. Slowly remove it and dry your nipple from the milk. 


Pour the milk into a storage container, storage bags or reusable bottles           


Wash the Lacti-Cups Essentials by separating the silicone from the cup, use soap (Dawn) and water, and dry it with a clean washcloth. There isn't a need to sterilize it if you wash it immediately after emptying the milk. 

If you want to use the dishwasher it is very safe, BUT, you should consider that dishwasher soaps contain harsh chemicals that can leave residues in your baby's feeding utensils.

The FDA Recommendation to clean products that contain breastmilk



Wherever you go save the leaks with Lacti-Cups Essentials


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