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Lacti-Pop - Breastmilk Pop or Juice Pop Freezable Silicone Baby Teether

Lacti-Pop - Breastmilk Pop or Juice Pop Freezable Silicone Baby Teether

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Lacti-Pop is a Silicone pouch that can be filled with breastmilk, which makes an excellent baby teether. Reusable and washable. You can also add juice or home made fruit juice.

Food and Medical Grade Safe Silicone

It doesn't cause brain freeze, the silicone is thick enough to prevent that.

It doesn't spill the milk, it allows the baby to extract the juice or milk if he suck on it.

Easy to wash, reusable. 

Mint blue color and Millennial Pink

Package includes Teether

2 Silicone pouches (Medical and Food grade Silicone)

1 Cap to protect from dust.

Instructions of Use

Take apart all the pieces of the Lacti-Pop By pulling each apart. First remove the cap, then, grab the white ring and pull it away from the handle. Inside the white ring is the silicone pouch. Grab the silicone pouch, squeeze it and then push it down through the ring to remove it.



For Breastmilk use the Pouch with NO HOLES.

Put the silicone pouch back into the white ring. Make sure all edges are fit well. You can add pressure to the edges with a small spoon. Put the cap on top of the silicone pouch. Add 10.0 mls of breastmilk with a dropper or 2 teaspoons of breastmilk/apple juice to the POUCH WITH NO HOLES, it has a slit instead. Keeping the pouch upside down, place the handle to seal the silicone pouch. Now place it the freezer and is ready for your baby after 30 minutes.


You can also Pre-Freeze small amount of breastmilk in the ice cube maker to just add to the pouch when frozen.

The pouch with big holes you can add fruit puree or banana puree to freeze.

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