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Reusable Breast milk storage bags to store breastmilk Lays flat with spout for easy pouring

Breastmilk Storage Bags 25 Pack ~My Mommy's Liquid Gold~

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Breast milk storage bags are a Must-Have for every mom that is planning to breastfeed, you will need to save your precious breastmilk. Lacticups¬ģ created¬† ¬† ¬†My Mommy's Liquid Gold storage bags

Double zipper

Extra thick to protect your liquid gold from freezer burns

Build in Spout to facilitate pouring and prevent spills


Stand alone bag and lay flat for easy storage

Can store baby's food and use as a squeeze bag

Compatible with Evenflo Breast pump adaptor as shown in                                 photos below

Bags can be reused to store baby's food

 ** If you store baby food the bags will deteriorate faster **

Do Not overfill the bag over the 7.0 ounces mark. Get the air out of the bag before freezing.

Keep the caps away from the baby, it's small a could be a choking hazard.

Make Sure the bag is sealed well. Warm the milk or food by running warm water over the bag, it can also be placed inside a cup or pot filled with warm water. Shake it often to make sure the food/milk warms evenly. If not consumed within 2 hours refrigerate it. Must be consumed within 24 hrs. Allow frozen milk or food to thaw inside the refrigerator overnight, not at room temp.                                        


Rinse the leftovers inside the bag before placing it inside the dishwasher. Make sure the bag is open and upside down and held by 2 rack sticks while washing. Wash the caps separately by hand. The regular caps from squeeze food bags fit these bags as well.

                        Utility Patent Applied for in the U.S. and Abroad

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