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Colostrum Antenatal Milk Collection Bottles 8 Bottles of 11.00ml tiny size reusable

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These 8 small tiny bottles are perfect to collect the colostrum that some moms leak during the last month of pregnancy. They are perfect to freeze small amounts of breastmilk/colostrum that you can bring later to the hospital to feed your newborn instead of having to use formula due to the lack of breastmilk.

After your 37th weeks pregnant you can manually express some breastmilk and freeze it. Also if you are leaking breastmilk WEAR Lacti-Cups and don't waste a drop. Save the Leaks, think ahead, plan ahead.

For moms who are dealing with preeclampsia, high blood pressure during pregnancy or diabetes, Antenatal breastmilk collection is a MUST. After the delivery in most cases you will have delayed breast milk production due to all the medications that you will be receiving during labor.