Lacti-Cups Collects Breastmilk Leaks Set (2), Nursing Cups, with Soft Flexible Silicone

Lacti-Cups Collects Breastmilk Leaks Set (2), Nursing Cups, with Soft Flexible Silicone

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ÔĽŅÔĽŅLacti-Cups collect breastmilk leaks throughout the day, instead of wasting your precious milk in nursing pads. They're designed to be placed in your bra, just like traditional nursing pads, but catch breastmilk instead of absorbing it. This milk can then be saved, frozen or fed to your baby.¬† Use Lacti-Cups while you are nursing your baby and catch the letdown from the opposite breast

Save up to 46% More Breastmilk just by collecting leaks, Is Amazing!

Lacti-Cups are an easy way to collect more breastmilk by collecting naturally occurring leaks in between feedings or from the opposite side that you baby is feeding, you may collect anywhere between 4-12 oz per day, is different for each woman depending on their milk production 

Lacti-Cups benefits your breastfeeding efforts in many ways:

- Relieves the irritated nipples from friction, act as a shield

- Promotes the natural flow of your milk as your breast starts getting full, relieving    the breast from pressure, making it easier for you to pump

- Collects breastmilk that otherwise would have been wasted in nursing pads.

- Prevent milk stains on blouses, keeps you fresh and dry

- Lacti- Cups are financially efficient, it reduces the need of purchasing nursing        pads and formula.

Lacti-Cups are 100% reusable washable & easy to clean, just peel away the Silicone part to wash with soap and water, not need to sterilize it.

The FDA recommendations for cleaning of breast pump parts are here


                      Patent Applied for in the U.S. and Abroad 

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