When every drop of milk matters, save the leaks.©


Say goodbye to breast pads and wasted milk. Lacti-Cups are a modern solution for modern moms.


Lacti-Cups are the best way to catch breastmilk leaks throughout the day. They're designed to be placed in your bra, just like traditional nursing pads, but catch milk instead of absorbing it. This milk can then be saved, frozen or fed to your little one. 

I was pretty skeptical about using these because they are made out of plastic but oh my goodness, I’m glad I tried them out. Not only do they help with nipple soreness, these are wonderful to have when your milk supply is establishing for those annoying night time and feeding time leaks.
— Stephanie, Amazon
Lacti-cups are AMAZING! I’m very pleased with them and I can definitely see how much milk I was wasting before while wearing breast pads!
— Adriana, Amazon
I absolutely love these cups! They are a great price especially for all the milk I’ve already saved from being thrown in the trash if I was using pads.
— S Rose, Amazon
My mom was told about these 35 years ago before she had her first baby, my older brother. She used them with all eight of us kids and never got sore. The great pour spout feature makes it awesome to pour the milk in to freeze for later and when my babies get old enough for cereal I used the frozen supply to make the cereal with.
— Carissa, Amazon