Expert Testimonial,

Lactation Consultant

My recommendation for Lacti-Cups comes from my experience as a clinical lactation consultant for over 15 years working with over 40,000 babies in both intensive care units and postpartum. Lacti-Cups are an efficient method for preserving mom's milk and ensuring that your baby receives as much as possible of your valuable milk. 

As a mother and baby's advocate,

I'm sensitive to the maternal instincts

in providing every tool and technique

in nurturing the health of newborns.

What excites me about Lacti-Cups,

is that finally moms who are

collecting breastmilk, can now have

46% more supply that would

otherwise,  be wasted in traditional breast pads. Breastmilk is a mother's  

exclusive gift for her baby's health and growth.


" When Every Drop of Milk Matters,Save the Leaks"©

   When every drop of milk
     matters, save the leaks!
  • Lacti-Cups helps you to save up to 4.0 ounces of breastmilk at a time.
  • You will be able to collect 46% more milk.
  • Lacti- Cups are financially efficient, it reduces the use of formula.
  • Premature babies will receive more of their mother's fresh milk.
  • Lacti-Cups are Eco-friendly, it reduces the waste from breast pads.
  • Lacti-Cups protects sore nipples from friction.
  • Lacti-Cups relieves sore nipples and other common problems related to breastfeeding

-Lacti-Cups are the most effective way to save all the natural occurring leaks of breastmilk throughout the day. -Lacti-Cups can be worn all day under your bra, and as the shells fill with milk, you'll transfer the milk into a storage container and refrigerate or freeze it. -Lacti-Cups are reusable & easy to clean; made with Type 5 Polypropylene BPA & Phatales FREE,  which is the safest and recommended type. It's flexible and resistant to cracks.

-It is not recommended to sleep with any type of breast shells or wear bras with wires that cause pressure to the breast. 

-Lacti-Cups have a spout that promotes airflow and eases the transfer of the milk to a storage container.

-Lacti-Cups won't affect or change your milk in any way. Breastmilk can be safe at room temperature for up to 4 hours.

Join the millions of moms who have saved more milk by using Lacti-Cups.

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